Why You Should Not Skip Building Inspections

Let’s face it, purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life. Getting it right the first time will not only save you lots of money but lots of headaches too.

We’ve all heard of horror stories about property owners buying absolute duds because they failed to have a qualified building inspector conduct pre purchase building inspections Adelaide.

Here are top reasons why you shouldn’t skip a property inspection:

Legal building additions

A comprehensive property inspection will identify whether or not any of the rooms and additions to the property has been built without a permit and violates building code. If any part of the house has not been constructed legally, not only will this affect insurance but you may be required to knock it down or get it rectified by following the legal processes. This could cost you tens of thousands, so it’s worthwhile forking out several hundred dollars for a property inspection that may potentially save you from bankruptcy.

Building insurance

It’ll make it a lot easier to obtain building insurance if a property inspection has been conducted on your house. Insurance companies like to deal with safe bets, and a property inspection provides them with the assurances they need to grant you building insurance. Some insurance companies may also require you to provide them with certificates as proof that a building inspection has been conducted and the home is in fact built to code and safe to live in.


A property inspection will identify whether or not the house is safe to live in. It will uncover any safety concerns such as termite-ridden floors that could cause you to fall through, issues with chemical leakages in and around the property, and even mould that can cause walls and ceilings to cave in. A couple of hundred dollars for a property inspection is a small price to pay for peace of mind and your family’s safety.

Repair costs

A property inspection can reveal if there are concerns with your plumbing, guttering, ceilings, roof, staircase, walls, and even the stumps of your house. Finding this out will enable you to forecast repair costs and help you budget for future repairs and renovations. Through the findings of the inspection, you may also discover whether the property still meets all of your needs and requirements or whether there are some deal breakers that you just can’t overlook.

Negotiation tactic

A building inspector’s findings will enable you to negotiate the price of the house downwards which is a tremendous benefit given that purchasing a home is an expensive exercise. So before you get persuaded to buy a property by a smooth-talking, charming real estate agent or property owner, get unbiased and objective advice through building inspections Adelaide.

Before you sign the deal, make you sure you contact a qualified building inspector. They’ll give you an unbiased report of the property to ensure that you know exactly what you’re paying for and potentially save you from making one of the biggest mistakes of your life.