Why do Home Builders need To Inspect Their Projects?

If you have employed a new house builder to undertake the construction of your brand new home, they may have told you that many inspections are needed before you can move in. For many people, these can seem a hindrance – why does their house need to be inspected – can’t they just move in when it’s finished? Unfortunately, the building inspections are necessary if you want to ensure that the builder has completed everything correctly and that the building is safe for you and your family.

While some contractors are not hiring inspectors who will conform to the ‘standards’ that they have set, most are fairly insistent on hiring an inspector who will ensure that your house complies with legal codes and obligations. The inspector will walk through the building, ensuring that everything is installed correctly and that distances are within legal guidelines. If they come across anything amiss, they will notify the builder and request that they make changes.

Occasionally, the new house builder may make a mistake that they failed to recognise. They may have neglected to notice that the exterior cladding was improperly installed or that the roof hasn’t been properly secured to the frame. Having an inspector come and check your property before the homeowner moves in will ensure that these sorts of mistakes are addressed before they become a problem.

Having an inspector walk through the house before you move in will also protect you against dodgy builders who are trying to cover up the mistakes and quick repairs that they have made. They may have managed to hide defects with your appliances (such as the heating or air conditioning system) or forced them to work when they really should have been replaced. They may be hoping that you don’t notice that the entire frame is defective or that the electrical system is not properly connected. An inspector will spot all of these things.

So, as you can see, having the project inspected during construction and after it has been completed aims to protect you, the homeowner, as much as it does to protect the new house builder. You have just forked out thousands of dollars to have the home constructed, after all, so you will want to ensure that everything is in order and that your builder has acted professionally. Never turn down an building inspection – it could potentially save your life.