How to Avoid Mistakes When Buying a Pergola

Modern time has redefined pergolas to fit our current era. There are many options available today, and you can purchase a pergola that will add beauty, value, and enjoyment to any open space you might have no matter the shape or size. For example, an arched pergola can serve as an excellent place to hang out due to the open air feeling. The options you have when it comes to this structure are so many, and most buyers usually make mistakes when purchasing or constructing one. Below are some tips which can help you buy a pergola that will serve its intended purpose and be what you expected.

Right materials- It is important that you choose a pergola that will remain beautiful even after ten years. The material used to construct the structure will directly affect this. Most arched pergolas are made out of steel/aluminium, PVC, concrete or wood. Out of all those, wood is the most popular material. There is a challenge when it comes to wood, though, because of the different types of woods including cedar, teak, redwood, and imported hardwoods. Customers find it difficult or get confused when it comes to identifying these various timber types. You should talk with the seller and seek assistance in choosing among them. The kind of wood you want is a primary factor that will affect the longevity of your pergola.

Thicker structures- Thicker wood pergola Adelaide structures usually last longer than thinner ones. You should compare wood thickness together with quality before making the decision to purchase. An easy way to compare between two pergolas is to check the shipping weight. The heavier one is, the thicker it is.

Notching- Notching is another crucial factor which you should consider. Notched pergolas tend to have more wind resistance and also last longer. Thus while buying one of these structures, inquire if they are wholly or partially notched. It is important to remember that notching creates interlocking joints which fortify the pergola. It also ensures that the timber remains straight for many years, increasing durability.

Moisture issue- The humidity in your area is a major consideration when selecting the material. Most materials, especially cheap ones, do not have the ability to withstand moist and harsh climate conditions. If your area is dry, you can opt for cheaper alternatives. However, when it comes to construction in the area where humidity is a huge factor, choose high-quality hardwood types.